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Particularly impressed with the technical competence of all who I have dealt with at RED. Understood the work-scope from the start. The level of technical detail discussed during review meeting was highly impressive

Kerr Watson, TechnipFMC

Our services

As a trusted and reliable partner we accomplish our mission through three overlapping services:-

Key to the success of our consultancy projects is the ability to quickly understand the true nature of an engineering challenge, to quickly identify a number of potential solutions and to work closely with a client to assess and agree the best way forward.

Drawing on practical first-hand experience, we are adept at turning concepts into reliable equipment that can be safely operated in the most harsh and safety critical environments. Given time and budget constraints, RED engineers are skilled at adapting existing technology for new applications.

With its in-house Test Facility, RED continues to work closely with its clients to accelerate the development of third party equipment. What sets RED apart from other test houses is the on-site engineering capability to develop bespoke test programmes, rapidly design and build first of kind test equipment and work with clients to fully understand and extract maximum value from data gathered – ‘Testing with Intelligence’.

Engineer Working

Our track record

Over the past twelve months, RED has successfully delivered over 50 diverse projects for clients across a range of industries.

Common themes include a complex technical challenge, a safety critical working environment, significant schedule and budget constraints and a requirement for a solution that is key to the successful execution of a much larger project. Here are just a small selection of our recent projects to give an insight into RED’s capabilities – with world class engineers, proven processes, trusted supply chain partners and an in-house Test Facility, we can rapidly deliver what you need without compromise to safety or quality.

Our clients