For over 8 years we traded as Red Marine building an extensive track record in the offshore industry, particularly in the Oil and Gas sector. A year ago today, we rebranded as RED Engineering as part of our campaign to open the business to opportunities in new market sectors.

Changing the name by one word sounds simple, but the reality was much more complex. At the time, we invested considerable time and effort in understanding how we add value for customers. We took the opportunity to re-engage with our existing clients and their feedback was invaluable in terms of fully understanding our core offer – the ability to rapidly solve complex engineering challenges with practical solutions – and how it could be transferable to new markets.

It made us think about all aspects of our branding, communications and the language we use as a business when talking to clients. We learnt about the complexities of changing our name on AVL’s, securing appropriate website addresses and the sheer volume of material within your company that needs updating – it’s certainly hard work.

However, we came to understand that rebranding is so much more than just changing the name of the company. In our experience you have to challenge all your existing thinking and recognise that what you were yesterday is not what you are going to be today or tomorrow. We also learnt that true rebranding is a journey – the ‘new’ name is now second nature to us but the brand will continue to grow and develop as we tackle new challenges in new markets such as Nuclear Decommissioning.

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