With new technology that allows remote communication now being main stream, is there a need to travel by car, train or plane to meet with clients in person?

Yes! RED makes full use of the latest technology to communicate with clients but we still make it a priority to meet face to face with customers as much as possible.

Emails, texts or even calls can be open to interpretation and lead to misunderstandings. Meeting a client on site, makes it easier to understand their challenges from their perspective. Being able to see first-hand the reality and scale of a project and what are their key drivers is critical for success. Walking the floors of any company can tell you a lot about what is going on behind the walls.

RED’s business is built on the trust between team members and clients – wider conversations over coffee about family, weekends or life in general help build trust and long-term relationships – as demonstrated by the fact that a number of our clients and friends have been working with our team on and off for over 15 years. We have been through the good times and the bad times together, people changing roles or careers but the relationships have remained. These relationships have opened new doors to other clients and taken RED into new industries.

Don’t under value the time spent with someone by looking at the cost to get there. Technology has its place in business but we don’t believe it can replace the time spent face to face with someone.

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