RED is well known for its innovation and responsiveness in the delivery of project specific equipment and tooling.
When developing equipment from first principals our initial focus is typically the mechanical function of a design – using AutoCad to develop a General Arrangement and storyboards that will meet the client’s functional requirements.
As we move to detail design, we often complete structural analysis using tools such as ANSYS and STAAD to ensure that any structure we supply is suitably robust – for example ensuring that a test rig structure will not deflect or fatigue in operation.
In recent years, however, we have also undertaken projects where structural analysis is the starting point – for example the analysis of a bridge structure, investigation of an equipment vibration issue, and a detailed review of the structural capacity of offshore handling equipment.
Typically this is part of a drive to upgrade existing equipment or to review a specific failure mode and we thought we’d take this opportunity to shine a light on this capability and also our expert analyst Matt Toyne.
Matt joined RED 3 years ago with a background in Naval Architecture and with proven structural analytical skills. In addition to mechanical design, Matt is now our ‘go to’ resource for FEA and has helped develop the tools and systems to allow a level of analysis appropriate to the needs of our clients. By combining his skills with the practical experience and knowledge of our broader engineering team we can quickly draw conclusions and provide practical recommendations.
If you have a requirement for analysis to unlock the full capabilities of existing equipment or fully understand a challenging structural issue, then please get in touch with the team here at RED.

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