Meet Lindsay

Lindsay Lowes

Job Title:

Office Manager


BA Hons Business Studies


Lindsay’s key strengths:

• Participative and involved team player.
• Openly accepting of others’ actions.
• Will work to ensure harmony and equity.
• Seeks variety in both tasks and relationships.
• Can “go with the flow”, particularly where people are concerned.
• Can act spontaneously.
• Trusting and tolerant of others’ actions.
• Strong sense of humour and fun.
• Compassionate, with a caring and concerned approach.
• Compassionate to those around her.

One of the first team members, Lindsay is a pillar of the RED community. A proven multi-tasker, she wears a number of hats – from overseeing our finances, supporting the marketing programme to acting as the company social secretary and managing our community engagement programme.

Recently qualified as a mental health first aider, she takes a keen interest in the welfare of all staff and is a key driver and supporter of our ‘can do’ culture.

“I can challenge her with anything and she’ll come up with the goods – make anything happen, organise anything, make sure everything is in the right place at the right time, and it all happens now!”

Joe Orrell

• Successful management of the finances of a project driven SME.
• Ensuring our CSR programme is not about looking good but doing good.
• The heart and soul of RED.


I recently learned I have an irrational phobia of cashew nuts

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Conscious Wheel Position
28: Inspiring Helper (Classic)
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29: Supporting Helper (Classic)