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28th November 2021

RED Report

Our RED Annual Report 2021 drops now… go check it out…

1st April 2021


Following the successful acquisition of our new site for our new facility, any parties interested in submitting tenders for the build are asked to contact Jessica Walton on for further information.

8th February 2021


We are delighted to announce that Ben Johnson has joined RED Engineering as Operations Director to lead the delivery of our projects.

This is a key appointment in the ongoing development of RED, as it creates a single focal point for the operational and commercial management of every project from contract award to completion.

“Ben has joined us with a mission to make every project run seamlessly,” says RED MD Joe Orrell, “from the client’s brief, through the full process of design, build and testing, to delivery on time and within budget in line with the high expectations of our clients. He is a perfect fit with our business and our team for the next stage in our development.”

20th January 2021


RED Engineering has started the new year with a bang by finalising the purchase of a 1,300 sq m site that will allow the further development and expansion of its services for clients in the nuclear decommissioning and oil & gas industries.

The company has acquired a former council depot directly opposite its head office and plans to develop a new purpose-designed facility for the assembly and testing of complex equipment for its global clients.

Over the past 12 years, RED has established a reputation for world class engineering innovation for major clients in the offshore oil & gas sector and more recently helping Sellafield make nuclear decommissioning operations safer and more efficient.

10th November 2020

Sellafield selects RED for their innovation framework

RED Engineering has recently been awarded a place on the Enabling Innovation Framework (EIF) by Sellafield Ltd. The multi-million pound framework is focused on promoting innovation in the ongoing decommissioning programme at Europe’s largest nuclear site.

21st October 2020

Featured in Sellafield’s Annual Research and Development Report

We’re delighted that some of our recent work in the nuclear decommissioning sector has been featured in Sellafield’s Annual Research and Development Report – please see pages 34 and 45 for more details.

It’s been a privilege to support Sellafield Ltd with the development of technology that will help create a clean and safe environment for future generations.

Click here to view report

19th October 2020

What was in the box? The answer….

The first production unit of a RED Engineering POCO (Post Operational Clean Out) tool ready for operations at Sellafield Ltd.

Based around a modified off-the-shelf vacuum cleaner and other commercially available components, the CE-marked system can be posted into any glove box via a 6” glove port and used to collect SNM residue powders as part of the decommissioning POCO process. Power, communications and control are all delivered externally via a modified glove port bung, reducing reliance on existing glove box infrastructure and production of secondary waste. Furthermore, a flexible attachment allows operators to access glove box areas that would normally be out of sight or reach.

Until now, glove box cleaning has been a painstaking process carried out manually by operators. RED’s solution delivers a major step forward by making the job easier and allowing operators to work more efficiently and hence reducing overall working times in hazardous areas.

19th May 2020

COVID19 – What’s your plan?

At RED we currently have 20 live projects across our 3 business streams of consultancy, equipment supply and testing. Each project is a commitment to a client – we have had to adapt the way we are working to continue to successfully deliver these, whilst managing our health and safety and operational and risks given the COVID19 situation. The slide opposite gives an overview of how we are now working.

It’s been interesting to see how our clients and partners are also adapting their working practices to the new environment – do you have any comments re our plans or good practice you could share?

17th May 2020

In it together

Great to receive a delivery today from Daniel Fraser, Head of Life Cycle Support at Royal IHC, at our offices in Hexham (social distancing rules applied).

He dropped off another batch of 3D printed visors to be distributed to local NHS facilities and care homes.

Challenging times but always good to see local businesses working together for the benefit of the community.

15th May 2020

Meet Steve Pocock

Having recently celebrated a landmark birthday our latest ‘Meet the People’ feature profiles Steve Pocock, our Test Services Manager.

Meet Steve

10th May 2020

Stay safe, stay well and stay in touch

Prior to COVID19 (and therefore social distancing requirements) we put together a short intro video for RED Engineering to summarise ‘who we are’ and ‘what we do’ (100% best with sound).

Our world and ‘how we do it’ has certainly changed since the final edit but we thought the key messages in the video were still valid and worth sharing as we continue to support our clients during lock down.

Stay safe, stay well and stay in touch.

5th May 2020

Helping the NHS

We’re doing what we can to help the NHS and have joined the army of 3D printing teams providing visors to help protect staff.

First batches were distributed this week including to our local hospital in Hexham and Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead.


1st May 2020

COVID19 – 5 things we have learned so far from a business perspective:

1. We’d be lost without VPN – imagine trying to cope with this crisis without the connectivity we take for granted.

2. A virtual meeting is not the same as a ‘face to face’ meeting – it requires different behaviours which we are learning and getting better at on a day by day basis (practice makes perfect…)

3. Communication, communication, communication is key, but it’s equally important to be able to switch off and avoid information overload.

4. People can adapt rapidly when circumstances force them to…but someone needs to have your back and provide support.

5. You need to retain your sense of humour – social media has been the source of many shared laughs over the past 2 weeks.

29th April 2020

Now more than ever, the world needs solutions.

At RED Engineering we remain committed to delivering world class engineering solutions for our clients in the energy industries.

However, the way we deliver our projects is changing as we take steps to help prevent the spread of the virus and mitigate any health risks for our team, community and clients.

Our head office team is now working remotely but we can be contacted through the usual channels:
Tel: 01434 648 280

20th April 2020

A big tick in the box!

RED has just been awarded Cyber Essentials Plus certification, independent verification that our cyber security systems will protect us against the majority of common cyber attacks.

As highlighted in a recent Sellafield Safety & Security Share (thanks @Carl Holding):

  • UK small businesses are targeted with an average of 65,000 attempted cyber attacks per day
  • A small business in the UK is successfully hacked every 19 seconds
  • Cyber breaches on average cost small businesses £25,700 in basic ‘clear up’ costs every year

So whatever the size of the business, these facts just underline the importance of Cyber Security and we will continue to take the necessary steps to mitigate this risk.

10th April 2020

Christmas come early

It was like ‘Christmas come early’ last week with the arrival of the latest RED robot – a Jackal Unmanned Ground Vehicle all the way from Canada.

This is currently being adapted at our Test Facility to allow it to be used for the deployment of a radiometric detector system at Sellafield – another innovative solution to reduce operational risk and remove personnel from hazardous environments.

22th February 2020

Designing in Safety, Designing out Risk

Safety failures cause more than 40 fatalities at work every year in the UK. So when designing and testing innovative engineering solutions for clients operating in hazardous environments, the importance of safety can never be under stressed.

Our latest feature gives an insight into not only how RED approaches safety in design but also how we are developing a culture where it is not just a design objective but a key aspect of the way we think and behave at work and at home. Read more using the link below.

10th February 2020

RED gets the go-ahead for a Sellafield Game Changer

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded funding to ‘Prove a Concept’ under Sellafield’s innovation-seeking Game Changers programme. As part of the Cumbrian nuclear decommissioning company’s commitment to reduce decommissioning costs, RED has put forward a design concept for a semi-autonomous system for the handling of Special Nuclear Material (SNM) which will help minimise the operational safety risks associated with handling operations whist increasing productivity. The funding award will now enable us to develop the design concept and adds to the growing list of game-changing innovations we are delivering to help Sellafield.

A great start to 2020!

18th December 2019

Testing with Intelligence

The latest news from our test facility – the RED team has recently completed a programme of combined tension and torsion tests on a new subsea umbilical for world class cable manufacturer, JDR.

Six years after RED carried out their first friction coefficient test for JDR, this most recent commission again demonstrates RED’s capability to deliver an efficient, turnkey testing service – from development of procedures, design and build of associated test equipment, the safe execution of tests, to the provision of a comprehensive report that can be passed directly to the end-user.

A clear example of how our engineering-led testing service can help a client qualify a new product designed and destined for operation in an extreme environment, with minimum delay and maximum assurance.

10th December 2019

A chance to meet us ‘virtually’…

Over the next few weeks we will be profiling members of #teamRED and Lindsay kindly ‘volunteered’ to go first!

Meet Lindsay

29th November 2019

Safety Pause…

What is the most dangerous thing you do during a normal week (at home or in work)?

This was the question posed during a ‘safety pause’ held at this morning’s weekly company meeting in place of the normal safety moment.

The idea (as championed by Sellafield) was to encourage a more open forum which gives the opportunity for all to discuss their own personal experiences about safety issues to see if there are any common factors or lessons to be learned.

Diverse subjects discussed included domestic DIY, driving, cycling, lifting operations, gas testing, working at height walking across supermarket carparks and the use of chain saws….

Outputs included tips on how to open car doors safely (the “Dutch Reach” method), appropriate types/styles of dust masks and a number of new topics for future safety moments.

22nd November 2019

Sellafield decommissioning mission

Sellafield has recognised the key role that SME’s can play in helping achieve its decommissioning mission by introducing new and innovative solutions to solve its complex challenges.

As such, it has a clear strategy to encourage SME engagement and an aim to continue to increase its spend with SME’s to 33% of its annual budget by 2021/22.

This strategy has undoubtedly helped RED Engineering break into the nuclear decommissioning sector and we were delighted to take part in the 3rd SME Forum today in Whitehaven – a welcome opportunity to engage directly with both Sellafield personnel and tier 2 contractors and highlight how our creative and agile thinking can quickly solve problems, reduce risk and improve safety.

18h September 2019


Robotics and Artificial Intelligence will transform the nuclear decommissioning and offshore oil and gas industries in the future.

RED Engineering will be part of this revolution and is proud to be exhibiting at the Delivering Change Through Robotics at Sellafield event tomorrow – see link for details.

Come and meet Joe and Toby to see how RED will help deliver this change with systems that will allow the remote handling of Special Nuclear Materials using industrial robots.

12th July 2019


As part of it’s refreshed supply chain strategy, Sellafield is actively encouraging small-to-medium specialist engineering businesses like RED to provide solutions to some of the site’s most complex challenges.

For an example of this strategy in action, please see our latest feature below:

15th May 2019


RED would like to wish everyone taking their GCSEs right now the best of luck, but a special thumbs-up to the Design & Technology students we’ve been mentoring at our local Queen Elizabeth High School in Hexham.

Our success over the past 10 years is based on the quality and talents of the engineers we’ve recruited into our growing team, and we’re trying hard to help encourage the next generation to follow in their footsteps. So we’ve been developing our links with the QEHS D&T department to give students a clearer idea of what a career in engineering can offer them.

This year a number of our team have been spending some of their lunch breaks providing support and encouragement to four students as they have been working on their DT projects. These count towards their GCSEs, which is the first step towards a possible career in engineering, and we hope our involvement has been as rewarding for the students as it has been for us.

For RED, it’s important to make this commitment to support tomorrow’s talent on a whole range of levels – for our own future as a business, for the future of engineering in the UK, and most of all for the future of the local sixteen-year-olds who we hope we can help inspire.

8th May 2019


For Holy Grail read a metal-to-metal seal design that can be machined on site, offshore, subsea.

This was exactly the kind of challenge we’re here for: design it, prototype it, test it to unique new limits and qualify it ready for operations. Within 20 weeks.

To us, one of the really interesting factors in this project was that we were pushing the boundaries of m2m sealing with applications not just in the subsea oil & gas arena, but also in other highly demanding sectors of the energy industry.

29th March 2019


We couldn’t be more delighted to have Robbie Langford with us again.

Robbie has spent time with us on placement several times since we first connected with him at Queen Elizabeth High School here in Hexham in 2017. Now with his first year of General Engineering at the University of Sheffield behind him, sponsored by RED, he’s back with us for the summer.  He’s the perfect demonstration of how important it is for companies like RED to take engineering into our local schools and inspire tomorrow’s engineers.

Although Robbie’s dad was a Marine Technology engineer, he says it was his work experience at RED that sparked his commitment to engineering as a career.

“Education at school level doesn’t give you any insight into what working in engineering might be like, so unless firms like RED get involved, you have no idea. Even at uni more than half the students on my course have never experienced anything like this. They don’t know what working in engineering is like, or what area of engineering they want to go into.

“Being able to come and spend time with RED and get involved in their projects has helped me understand what engineering is all about, and being part of this culture has made me absolutely sure this is what I want to do. I love solving engineering problems, and that’s what RED does, so I love it here. Ideally I would like to come back permanently and be part of this team after I graduate, and I know there are more QE students following this path because RED has opened the door to engineering for them.”


31st January 2019


Inspired by the Facebook 10 year challenge, we thought we’d post a couple of pictures from 2009 and 2019. Like most companies we have seen significant changes over the past 10 years – new clients, new people, new offices and new test facilities (Steve is now on his 3rd….) However, we’re equally proud of what’s not changed – our culture of supporting each other to deliver engineering excellence and our core values (SPIRIT).

The future’s still RED.

25th January 2019


We’ve had the pleasure of hosting Martin Chown and Emma-Jayne Gooch of Sellafield at RED today – an opportunity to share our experiences of working with Sellafield, to run through our current projects and to introduce the rest of the team. Explaining our business and capabilities to interested visitors is always enjoyable (and thought provoking!) and a good way to round off the week.

7th January 2019

RED Resolutions

Happy New Year to you all from RED Engineering!

A new year means New Year Resolutions so we thought we would share some of ours. In 2019 we will:

1. Build on our successful track record in the nuclear decommissioning sector.

2. Continue to engineer effective solutions for challenging offshore projects.

3. Expand our team with the addition of a Senior Engineer, Draughtsperson and Admin Assistant.

4. Establish a third facility in Hexham for the assembly and testing of innovative equipment (see photo opposite).

5. Carry on attacking challenges with creative thinking, persistence, energy and enthusiasm!

Progress updates to follow….

The future’s bright
15th October 2018


At RED we have just closed out our 2017/18 year end and it was great to see good progress as measured by the traditional financial metrics – record sales, a significant increase in turnover and a healthy growth in profits.

27th September 2018


To support another fast track development project, RED has recently installed a pipe torque machine at its Hexham Test Facility on a temporary basis.

One of the key advantages of an engineer lead Test Facility like REDs ours, is that we can quickly develop test procedures and make equipment available to complete first of kind tests.

If you have a challenging test requirement where we may be able to assist, then please get in touch contact via

14th September 2018


RED are pleased to announce that we have won the latest LINC project from Sellafield. The project is for the delivery of a Small Bore Stainless Steel Pipe Cutting Tool.

23rd August 2018


Over the last 4 weeks, RED has been seeing signs of increased activity in the subsea sector – it may be a post-holiday ‘bounce’ but anecdotal evidence includes an increase in reported contract awards, a busier supply chain, individuals returning to the industry, ‘better’ press and customers making longer term investment decisions – all adding up to a more positive feel around the industry.

17th August 2018


We believe that traditional top down management systems slow down projects and limit innovation. If a decision has to go through many layers of management before a final decision or idea is implemented, the pace of progress is naturally limited.

31st July 2018


In July 2008, exactly ten years ago, we launched a company and a team that could rapidly develop and deliver engineering solutions for clients working in some of the most demanding environments in the world.

We also asked our MD and co-founder, Joe Orrell, to record his own thoughts on the RED journey to date. Please see the link to the video below.

19th July 2018


Who is Toby?

A seasoned professional, Toby is responsible for business development, marketing and sales activities at RED.

What got you into engineering?

I grew up on a farm and have been interested in practical engineering from a young age – typically getting an understanding of how things break and how you fix them…
Farming is also a time critical business and I think the mindset of finding solutions to challenges against a tight deadline has been a common theme throughout my career

4th July 2018


I first heard this statement at an Entrepreneurs’ Forum event in 2013 (@Petra Wetzel, WEST Beer – thanks) and I thought there’s something in that!

Developing and maintaining long term relationships built on mutual trust is a key part of the RED Engineering recipe – Trust between RED, our clients, our engineers and suppliers is the grease in the process that allows us to deliver the impossible in improbable time frames.

29th June 2018


It’s Friday, the sun is shining and there’s a World Cup on…

Hopefully our short video demonstrates the versatility, precision and control of modern industrial robots. Already well proven in the aerospace and automotive industries, our recent work in the nuclear decommissioning sector has convinced us that Robots have the potential to make a wide range of operations safer, faster and cheaper.

Robots are the future!

8th June 2018


A growing part of RED’s business is providing engineering solutions for the decommissioning of assets in both the offshore oil and gas and nuclear sectors. At first glance, you could think that that these should be relatively straightforward cut and shut type projects as the asset is effectively being scrapped. However, we know from first-hand experience that decommissioning can be as challenging or even more challenging than operations in the earlier stages of a project lifecycle.

1st June 2018


RED has seen a lot of positive changes within the business over the last 6 months. We have increased our capacity with significant additions to both our engineering and commercial teams, bringing new skills, product knowledge and experience; allowing us to strengthen relationships and open opportunities to both new and existing clients. We have also invested in new technology which will allow us to demonstrate what we believe are key areas of expertise for our clients going forward.

10th May 2018


We are proud of our near 10-year relationship with TechnipFMC and the product of our latest collaboration: two first of kind modular subsea clamps.

By sharing knowledge and working closely with client engineers, the clamps were developed and delivered in just 6 months and will soon be used to enable successful well intervention operations from the specialist well intervention vessel, the Island Constructor.

The modular design allows the capacity of the clamps to be adjusted for both shallow and deep-water operations, providing TechnipFMC with an adaptable solution that can be used across a wide range of well intervention campaigns.


3rd May 2018


A Little Wider Please….

We have recently been making full use of the upgraded capabilities of our TR-630 Tensioner Pad Rig with the life cycle testing of tensioner pads against a large diameter (580mm) coated pipe sample.

Over the operational life of a tensioner pad, the spring block can develop a permanent deformation as the pad grips and releases a pipeline which will adversely affect the pad system performance.

19th April 2018


It has been an interesting few months working alongside an inventive company like Centraflow. Centraflow was founded less than 2 years ago in Norway by two Drilling and Completions Engineers who wanted to solve a common problem that occurs in deviated and horizontal wells. These high angle wellbores commonly suffer from poor hole cleaning and cement displacement which leads to well integrity issues. Centraflow developed a novel solution which removes low-side cuttings beds and delivers a fully circumferential cement bond saving high cost remedial work.

RED has been supporting product development testing in its Test Facility prior to Centraflow completing full scale trials on a subsea well, offshore Malaysia. This will prove the technology and demonstrate the positive impact their solution can have for the offshore Oil & Gas industry.

With an office in Aberdeen, Centraflow’s UK Director Craig Usher was recommended the services of RED by an existing client. Following development of test methodologies and appropriate test equipment, initial trials were completed in January, with a second series of testing being completed in March.

We asked Craig, why RED? He answered, “RED has delivered very high-quality work and always on time. In addition, brilliant project management with very regular communication opened up time for myself to focus on other areas of the business.”

29th March 2018


With new technology that allows remote communication now being main stream, is there a need to travel by car, train or plane to meet with clients in person?

Yes! RED makes full use of the latest technology to communicate with clients but we still make it a priority to meet face to face with customers as much as possible.

Emails, texts or even calls can be open to interpretation and lead to misunderstandings. Meeting a client on site, makes it easier to understand their challenges from their perspective. Being able to see first-hand the reality and scale of a project and what are their key drivers is critical for success. Walking the floors of any company can tell you a lot about what is going on behind the walls.

RED’s business is built on the trust between team members and clients – wider conversations over coffee about family, weekends or life in general help build trust and long-term relationships – as demonstrated by the fact that a number of our clients and friends have been working with our team on and off for over 15 years.

23rd March 2018


RED is well known for its innovation and responsiveness in the delivery of project specific equipment and tooling.
When developing equipment from first principals our initial focus is typically the mechanical function of a design – using AutoCad to develop a General Arrangement and storyboards that will meet the client’s functional requirements.
As we move to detail design, we often complete structural analysis using tools such as ANSYS and STAAD to ensure that any structure we supply is suitably robust – for example ensuring that a test rig structure will not deflect or fatigue in operation.
In recent years, however, we have also undertaken projects where structural analysis is the starting point – for example the analysis of a bridge structure, investigation of an equipment vibration issue, and a detailed review of the structural capacity of offshore handling equipment.

6th March 2018


For over 8 years we traded as Red Marine building an extensive track record in the offshore industry, particularly in the Oil and Gas sector. A year ago today, we rebranded as RED Engineering as part of our campaign to open the business to opportunities in new market sectors.

Changing the name by one word sounds simple, but the reality was much more complex. At the time, we invested considerable time and effort in understanding how we add value for customers. We took the opportunity to re-engage with our existing clients and their feedback was invaluable in terms of fully understanding our core offer – the ability to rapidly solve complex engineering challenges with practical solutions – and how it could be transferable to new markets.

It made us think about all aspects of our branding, communications and the language we use as a business when talking to clients. We learnt about the complexities of changing our name on AVL’s, securing appropriate website addresses and the sheer volume of material within your company that needs updating – it’s certainly hard work.

28th  February 2018


Founded in 2008, like a number of engineering SME’s in the UK, RED grew up in the Offshore Oil & Gas industry where it carved out a successful niche developing and delivering bespoke equipment for offshore contractors and equipment suppliers.

Prior to the oil price collapse in 2015, 95% of RED’s turnover came from this sector. Fast forward 3 years and our business is growing and we now have active projects in the oil and gas, offshore renewables and nuclear decommissioning sectors.

Back in 2015, as our customers were responding to the dramatic change in the oil & gas environment by restructuring, laying off staff and freezing investment, it was a case of evolve or die. At that time we looked inward to fully understand our core business and how we add value for our clients. The conclusion we reached was that we were delivering practical engineering solutions to complex challenges with a proven fast rack recipe that reduced risk to our clients. The good news was that we believed that customers outside the oil and gas sector could also benefit from this service. The key question was which and how to get them on board….

Step 1 – Identification – generating a ‘matrix of opportunities’ (we had a wide range of industries from rail to fisheries, aerospace to defence on the list….) and giving each a score based on how good a fit we might be. The one that stood out was Nuclear decommissioning which appeared to have a number of complex engineering challenges

14th February 2018


Here at RED we have been designing and building test rigs from day one – working alongside companies such as Baker Hughes GE, TechnipFMC and JDR Cables we have developed a wide range of bespoke test rigs that allow our clients to push the limits of their products to develop market leading technology.

The rigs can be operated at our own test facility by RED Engineers and Technicians or delivered to a client facility with full documentation and training to allow operation by in-house personnel.

Our sweet spot is where a new approach or rig is required to verify theoretical data, qualify new products or understand real world performance issues. By quickly delivering effective test rigs that provide reliable and accurate data we can unlock significant cost savings for our clients – from shortening R & D lead times, to reducing installation or future maintenance costs.

Recent examples include the supply of a test rig for the qualification testing of subsea components at 30,000 psi at temperature and the design and operation of an abrasion rig for testing SURF product materials.

Time and again we have been able to demonstrate the value of physical testing – if you have any ongoing development challenges where we could be of assistance please contact Brian Valentine.

2nd February 2018


Since RED was established in 2008, we have been working with global organisations to deliver complex engineering projects. Often we hold the key to unlocking progress for clients, by rapidly engineering and delivering solutions that can save them thousands of hours and millions of pounds.

We do this by playing to our strengths and core values, summed up in the anagram SPIRIT:

SAFTEY and PROFESSIONALISM are a given but INNOVATION and RESPONSIVENESS are not. With our small team of highly skilled and experienced engineers working with a nimble management system, we pride ourselves on our ability to move things forward quickly. Small is also beautiful in terms of an environment for creativity and our INDEPENDENCE ensures we can think outside the box. Ultimately it is all about TRUST between our end client, our team and our supply chain partners – trust is efficient and allows RED to deliver exceptional value for our clients by delivering what is often thought to be the impossible in improbable timeframes.

Our impact is then multiplied by having world class supply chain partners – we can’t do everything ourselves but by working with our long-term partners and having the means to engineer, assemble and test equipment, we can deliver turnkey solutions. The importance of having an in-house test facility should not be underestimated – the ability to quickly test a theory, prove a concept or qualify equipment with practical data has been critical to project success over the years.

The last ten years of working at the critical end of projects has taken RED around the world. At RED we like a challenge and to be challenged in our thinking.

26th January 2018


Members of the RED Engineering team have been attending the Subsea UK expo since it was first launched what seems many years ago (Trish Banks). It has always been amongst one of our favourite events as an opportunity to catch up with our core network of clients, partners and suppliers – at the expo, the award dinner and in Aberdeen itself.

Given the recent history of the Oil and Gas industry, we see this year’s event as an opportunity to understand the latest developments in the industry, the general direction of travel and where RED can add the most value in what remains an innovative, global and multi-billion dollar industry. In recent years we have seen a massive focus on reducing operational costs and given our DNA is focussed on the fast track delivery of practical engineering solutions that allow our clients to reduce risk, shorten schedules, save money and work safely we have continued to find opportunities.

At last year’s event, we felt the industry had achieved a degree of stability and was now planning for a longer term future, with companies eager to push forward in the new oil price environment – we look forward to hearing how plans and projects have developed over the last 12 months.

Toby Bailey and Brian Valentine will be in attendance (weather permitting – Toby was just reminiscing about the year that snow kept him stuck in Northumberland and his presence was virtual….) so please feel free to contact either Toby or Brian if you are interested in a meeting or just coffee to catch up

11th January 2018


Pressure testing between 0 to 20,000 psi is carried out regularly around the world in the Oil & Gas industry. However, as the industry moves to more extreme environments we are seeing projects that require pressure testing of equipment at even higher pressures – RED recently completed the hydro pressure testing of a subsea component at 30,000 psi with temperature extremes of -18°C to + 177°C and gas testing at 25,000 psi over the same temperature range. This test was carried out in accordance with API 6A/ISO 10423 section F.1.10.

8th December 2017


The challenge from our customer was to automate a complex manual process to increase operational safety and reduce the overall duration of an installation project.

Key to the success of this project was our phased approach:

Phase 1 –  understand, challenge and define the requirement
Phase 2 – proof of concept testing
Phase 3 – development & design
Phase 4 – manufacture, assembly and testing
Phase 5 – engineering support for installation and commissioning

With the delivery of this  first of its kind piece of equipment, we will significantly increase the speed of an offshore installation process saving our client time and money – an estimated 600% increase in productivity.

30th November 2017


RED has been testing tensioner pads for nearly 10 years to determine their performance characteristics prior to offshore operations – typically measuring the friction co-efficient between the pad and a sample product.

Interestingly, different customers ask us to provide different data – some have requested a dynamic friction co-efficient whilst others a static friction co-efficient.

Naturally as a company of professional engineers, this has stimulated debate both with our customers and internally. We believe that testing the static friction co-efficient of the pad gives a more accurate assessment of pad performance as it gives a more consistent indication of how the friction co-efficient changes as the load in the pad changes. This allows operators to fully understand the capabilities of their equipment, ensure operational safety and potentially avoiding the need for system upgrades as they deliver installation projects in ever deeper water.

16th November 2017


UK engineering services firm RED Engineering sees ‘strong opportunities’ in the offshore oil and gas sector for firms with capacity to deliver innovative fast track projects.

Despite the volatility of oil markets, continuing uncertainty over Brexit and pressure on costs, business development director Toby Bailey predicts that demand for leading-edge subsea technologies will remain robust over the next 12 months.

2nd November 2017


RED Engineering has appointed a senior executive to oversee the development and expansion of its specialist test services business.

Brian Valentine joins the UK-based firm as a business developer, where he will be targeting customers in core offshore oil and gas, renewables and nuclear decommissioning sectors requiring advanced test services and supporting technologies.

He will also be looking at taking the firm into a wider range of sectors, opening up new opportunities as part of a diversification plan for RED’s testing services.

3rd October 2017


NEW monitoring technology developed by RED Engineering has been used for the first time to improve accuracy, speed and safety during the installation of jacket foundations for wind turbines at the Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm Ltd project in the Moray Firth, Scotland.

The development by the North East-based firm of engineers features remote proximity sensors to confirm the correct engagement of an internal lifting tool (ILT) in use by Seaway Heavy Lifting, a Subsea 7 company.

29th September 2017


A Hexham company’s innovative approach to solving tough engineering problems has received high praise from the Duchess of Northumberland.

The Duchess was on hand to officially present a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation to RED Engineering, whose expertise in developing, building and testing highly specialised equipment for the offshore sector helped to secure the coveted accolade.

The Queen’s Award is one of the highest honours that can be bestowed on a UK-based company and is given annually to those who have realised outstanding success and achievement.

9th August 2017


In response to a growing demand for our services across all markets we need to strengthen our mechanical engineering team. We’re looking for experienced and suitably qualified professionals to fill the role of Senior Engineer. Candidates for this important position will need to demonstrate appropriate technical skills, the ability to work with and to supervise others and a strong track record of delivery in the markets we serve or those closely related. You’ll find the work both challenging and rewarding and enjoy a supportive team culture.


Submit your CV to

Need more information?
Call Nick Adams for an informal chat on +44 [0]1434 648240

1st August 2017

Summer Round-up

Smiling faces reflect good progress in 2017. We’re seeing growing demand for our services in all key markets.

7th June 2017


FAST track testing services provided by RED Engineering have helped to confirm the viability of new rubber coated tensioner pads under development for the offshore energy sector.

The North East-based firm of engineers completed the work for Metflex Precision Mouldings Ltd, which needed to validate the performance characteristics of its new EM range of natural rubbers.

The project has involved a small-scale test rig to complete a set of comparative friction coefficient tests of a 50mm x 50mm x 5mm sample against a polyurethane (PU) section already in use for tensioner track pads.

22 May 2017

Diversification sees RED Fit For Nuclear

RED Engineering’s taken another notable step forward on its path to diversification into the nuclear decommissioning sector after gaining the coveted Fit For Nuclear (F4N) accreditation.

F4N is delivered by the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Centre (Nuclear AMRC) – part of the national High Value Manufacturing Catapult which helps companies bid for work in the civil nuclear supply chain – and is independent validation that our production systems and processes meet the standards required by the nuclear industry.

24th April 2017


RED Engineering has won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation in recognition of its ground-breaking approach to designing and delivering complex engineering challenges.

The Queen’s Award is one of the highest honours that can be bestowed on a UK-based company and is given annually to those who have realised outstanding success and achievement.

RED Engineering (formerly RED Marine) provides consultancy, bespoke equipment and testing services for clients in the offshore oil and gas, renewables and nuclear decommissioning sectors.

11th April 2017


FUEL savings of up to 8% could be achieved by ship owners and operators on the back of a new waste heat recovery system that will benefit from development work by engineering specialists, RED Engineering (formerly Red Marine).

The £3.6m project, led by Cramlington firm, AVID Technology (, which is set to transform environmental standards in the marine sector, features technology engineered to reduce emissions and vessel operating costs by converting waste heat from the vessel engine into electricity.

3rd March 2017

We’re recruiting – join the RED engineers

If you’re passionate about engineering and working closely with clients to develop winning commercial and technical solutions to their specific challenges, then you might be the person for us.

We have an opportunity for somebody to play a key role in the continued growth and development of RED Engineering, a trusted engineering partner to clients operating on a global basis. As part of the continued expansion of our testing services, we are currently seeking a Business Developer to champion this area of our business.

27th February 2017

Enhanced Tensioner Pad Test Capability Launched

RED Engineering has now completed the comprehensive upgrade of its TR630 test rig, significantly enhancing its tensioner pad testing capabilities – the high capacity, automated rig can simulate 4 track operations with crush loads of up to 75t per track in a wide range of environmental conditions.