We believe that traditional top down management systems slow down projects and limit innovation. If a decision has to go through many layers of management before a final decision or idea is implemented, the pace of progress is naturally limited.


RED operates with a flat management system that helps us respond quickly to our client’s needs and to deliver challenging projects. Our engineers are empowered to make informed decisions that they feel comfortable with and ask for help when needed. This encourages all to contribute and to be open minded to the input of others – our best innovations are often delivered by collaboration within a team and the individuals involved having the authority to rapidly take them forward. Having the right balance of collaboration and decision making is key to the success of the delivery of projects by RED.


As per the linked article, it has been interesting to see larger companies like Ferrari taking similar approaches. Some of the recent successes of the Ferrari Formula 1 team have been attributed to a move away from traditional hieratical management processes, to a focus on encouraging more input and ideas from those working at all levels of the company. They are taking many years of front line experience into the engineering office and seeing the benefit in terms of innovation and the results on the track.


F1 may be the ultimate fast paced business, today’s world is nothing but dynamic and the speed to get to a solution is often a key driver for many of our clients. This approach requires trust (a common theme here), but empowering your team and allowing your client’s to access their full potential has demonstrable benefits.

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