Meet Kevin Lewins

Kevin Lewins

Job Title:

Head of Projects and Commercial


M.Eng, University of Newcastle


Kevin’s key strengths:

• Focus & clarity
• Balanced assessment of complex problems
• Strategic thinking
• Procedural accuracy
• Understanding underlying principles
• Taking responsibility
• Consistent commitment to highest standards
• Dependablity / trustworthiness
• Practical common sense
• Technical accuracy


Since he joined RED in 2010, Kevin has grown into a pivotal member of our project delivery teams and now heads our commercial and supply chain functions – an increasingly important role as the scale and complexity of our projects has grown. Completely unflappable and  highly focused, Kevin brings a forensic clarity to the analysis of any engineering design challenge and its successful solution. Married with two young children, Kevin was a talented footballer at school and more recently has become an accomplished triathlete – he cycles daily when he can.

“Nothing phases Kevin – with a questioning engineer’s mind and a calm logical approach, he has successfully delivered our most challenging and complex projects to date. Now as Head of Projects and Commercial, it is a pleasure to see him sharing the benefit of his experience with the next generation of RED Engineers.”

Toby Bailey

• Successful project delivery

• Risk reduction
• World class supply chain development

• Once played Centre Half for Darlington FC (Academy)

• Organises the PA at his local church on Sundays

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Conscious Wheel Position
55: Reforming Observer (Accommodating)
Less Conscious Wheel Position
15: Reforming Observer (Focused)