How does a small engineering company deliver such a big impact?


Since RED was established in 2008, we have been working with global organisations to deliver complex engineering projects. Often we hold the key to unlocking progress for clients, by rapidly engineering and delivering solutions that can save them thousands of hours and millions of pounds.

We do this by playing to our strengths and core values, summed up in the anagram SPIRIT:

SAFTEY and PROFESSIONALISM are a given but INNOVATION and RESPONSIVENESS are not. With our small team of highly skilled and experienced engineers working with a nimble management system, we pride ourselves on our ability to move things forward quickly. Small is also beautiful in terms of an environment for creativity and our INDEPENDENCE ensures we can think outside the box. Ultimately it is all about TRUST between our end client, our team and our supply chain partners – trust is efficient and allows RED to deliver exceptional value for our clients by delivering what is often thought to be the impossible in improbable timeframes.

Our impact is then multiplied by having world class supply chain partners – we can’t do everything ourselves but by working with our long-term partners and having the means to engineer, assemble and test equipment, we can deliver turnkey solutions. The importance of having an in-house test facility should not be underestimated – the ability to quickly test a theory, prove a concept or qualify equipment with practical data has been critical to project success over the years.

The last ten years of working at the critical end of projects has taken RED around the world. At RED we like a challenge and to be challenged in our thinking.

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