I first heard this statement at an Entrepreneurs’ Forum event in 2013 (@Petra Wetzel, WEST Beer – thanks) and I thought there’s something in that!

Developing and maintaining long term relationships built on mutual trust is a key part of the RED Engineering recipe – Trust between RED, our clients, our engineers and suppliers is the grease in the process that allows us to deliver the impossible in improbable time frames.

As seasoned engineers, “Trust” can be a bit of an abstract concept but we’ve seen first-hand the positive aspects of delivering projects when there is mutual trust and the negative aspects where it is absent.

In recent months, I’ve also been interested to see the benefits of ‘trust’ being raised by large engineering companies such as Conoco Phillips and TechnipFMC so it must be important stuff……

The next logical question is if “Trust” is such a good thing, how can we get more of it? Being practical people we started a list:

  • Be excellent and go the extra mile (excellence is the best business plan)
  • Be consistent in your approach (trust = consistency / time)
  • Do what you say you are going to do
  • Be prepared to challenge and be challenged
  • Take people on the journey (communication, communication, communication)
  • Be honest and realistic – saying ‘no’ Is ok
  • Treat people the way you would like to be treated

Are we on the right track, can you break down “Trust” into a simple list or is it much more complicated than that? Your thoughts are welcome.

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